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We know, nobody likes policies and fees but unfortunately they are sometimes necessary. Thank you to those that keep us updated on pickup dates and order confirmations, this makes business run very smoothly and we greatly appreciate it!

Restocking & Order Cancellation

 A pickup date is now required. Five days from your scheduled pick up date you will incur a 20% restocking fee unless an alternate date is given. After an order is placed any material dug or special ordered will incur a 20% restocking fee if canceled. If account is not current new orders will not be accepted until payment arrangements are made.

Storage & Maintenance

We like for orders to be picked up in a timely manner but on occasion arrangements can be made for your order to remain on our property for a period of time. This arrangement with come with a flat 10% monthly service fee. 

-includes watering and maintenance of material

Summer Dig

- 15% charge on the cost of the tree for additional services listed below with a 50% deposit required at order and paid in full at pickup.

- Trees will be irrigated on a heavier cycle for at least one week prior to digging.

- The rootball is up-sized by one grade.

- A soil drench (Holganix) is applied prior to digging.

- An anti-transpirant is applied to the foliage to lessen desiccation just prior to or immediately after digging.

- Trees are kept in our irrigated holding yard for up to one week after digging.

- It is preferred to have a two week notice for any summer dug trees, but we understand that sometimes it is not possible. We can accommodate a quicker turnaround in most cases, but we advise against this for the ultimate health of the tree.

- Summer dug trees will naturally have foliage that droops for a few weeks after digging. We recommend watering about 3 times a week and watering deeply each time (this is very hard to guage and depends on site conditions), as opposed to watering a little every day. The answer to drooping foliage is not always to water more, so check the soil before proceeding.

- Plants must be picked up when we advise, no guarantee on survivability.

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