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When we say we are your one stop nursery, we mean it. Trees, shrubs and perennials are just the core of what we can offer.

Wholesale Nursery

We grown & procure specimen quality trees, shrubs, grasses and perennial plant material for Landscape Architects, Designers, Contractors, Property Managers and Municipalities. We stock materials for quick pickup or special order.

Plant Production

Woody plants are grown under the watchful eye of our Certified Arborist and fellow plant craftsman. We follow many organic principles to produce our plant material. Trees are hand pruned to reduce crossing branches, double leaders or poor structure. Shrubs are also hand pruned to encourage a tight and dense form. 

Woody Cut Stems

Serving floral designers, container gardeners and other wholesale clients. We grow several woody cut stems for seasonal decoration. Offerings range from Red & Gold Winterberry, Red & Yellow Stem Dogwood, Red, Yellow, Scarlet & Green Curly Willow, Pussy Willow, Fantail Willow, Hydrangea and others. 

Arborist Services

Our on staff Registered Consulting Arborist® is available for many services involving trees & landscapes. He retains qualifications such as: Tree & Plant Appraisal to be able to professionally offer appraisals on plant material, Tree Risk Assessment to perform level 1, level 2 & level 3 risk assessments on trees. As a graduate of the Consulting Arborist Academy you can expect detailed reports ready for legal work & court documentation. 

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