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About Our Nurseries 

Harmony Hill Nursery, LLC is comprised of two locations run by a trained team of arborists and horticulturists. Together, we have over 75 years of experience in the industry. Our trees are grown in soil comprised of clay, rock, and loam creating a premium package for transplanting in the region. Material is pruned at least twice a year to establish the optimal structure. We take pride in our plant material and know our customers do the same.


Harmony Hill Nursery

Downingtown, PA

Harmony Hill Nursery, LLC has spent a decade and a half growing tens of thousands of woody shrubs, shade, ornamental, and evergreen trees. These trees were propagated from the finest plant purveyors in American then were planted and produced in our rich Pennsylvania soils. 

At this location we have our holding yard of re-wholesale stock and pre-dug finished stock from our fields. Harmony Hill Nursery is known for its flowering understory trees, and shrub material. You can also find shade trees, viburnum, magnolia, junipers, arborvitaes, and other species at this location.


Reading, PA

Harmony Hill Nursery LLC recently acquired Tulpehocken Nursery to expand and meet the needs of its growing demand. Tulpehocken is a 70 acre tree farm in Berks County, PA. Up until Winter of 2024, Patty Minehart had owned and operated Tulpehocken for 40 years. The land is home to over 6,700 trees an shrubs. The majority of the Tulpehocken inventory is composed of large caliper and specimen trees including Parrotia, various oak species, European Hornbeam, Cornus mas,  and Weeping Katsura. You will also find a variety of Dogwoods, Hibiscus, and Winterberry.

This location is not open for pick up or drop in visits. If you would like a tour or to tag at this location, please contact our office.  

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