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Arborist Services

Our Consulting Arborist is an ISA Certified Arborist, Holds TRAQ(Tree Risk Assessment Qualification) from ISA, TPAQ (Tree and Plant Appraisal Qualification) from ASCA and PCH (Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist) from the PLNA and a graduate of the ASCA Consulting Arborist Academy.  Available for hire to appraise plant material, assess trees for risk, forensic arboriculture, Expert witness testimony, written legal reports/documentation, nursery issue/consulting, professional & hobby training and lecturing on planting/pruning/maintenance and other issues dealing with Arboriculture.  He is also available for speaking engagements.

Speaking Engagments

We are available to present & speak to your garden clubs, association or education seminars on topics such as plant selection, proper planting, pruning and a variety of other topics related to arboriculture & landscaping 

Personal Garden Coaching

Our formal education was through landscape design and maintenance. This gives us a great base to help individual property owners and managers develop designs & maintenance plans to bring their goals to fruition. 

Tree Risk Assesments

Holding the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ),we offer the professional service of discovering the detriments of a plant & assess the risk they pose. Professionally trained through the ISA we follow their principles & documentation. 

Project Inspections

As many professional landscape plans are then installed by others, we are able to do inspections to ensure the specified plants are used and installed properly thought-out the process. We are also available to inspect plant material at the nurseries to prevent issues fore arrival. 

Tree & Plant Appraisals 

Through ASCA we achieved the Tree & Plant Appraisal Qualification which allows us  to render a professional appraisal of plants. Our opinions are used for plants involved with Eminent Domain, vehicle accidents, theft, etc. 


Our professionally trained staff of plant craftsmen hold degrees and certifications such as: Delaware Valley University Bachelor's of Science/Ornamental Horticulture/Environmental Science, Morris Arboretums School of Arboriculture, ASCA Consulting Arborist Academy, PSU Arborist Short Courses, PSU Community Arborist Short Courses, TRAQ, TPAQ, Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist & PA Chemical Private Application license. 


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